If anyone didn't know what happened, by looking at this picture, you would assume that Steven Tyler got his ass kicked. The Aerosmith front man took a nasty spill in a hotel shower while touring in Paraguay over the weekend. He was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for a busted lip, a forehead gash and two broken front teeth.

Based on his past, many immediately speculated that Tyler may have fallen off the sobriety wagon, but the 'American Idol' judge wants to assure everyone that this incident has nothing to do with substance. Tyler blames the spill on dehydration after food poisoning but during an interview with Today Show host Matt Lauer he said he understands why people may think otherwise.

"I get that people think that," Tyler said of rumors that he had fallen off the wagon. "It still bothers me a little, but it's something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life. Being in the program, it's something we have to expect. People thinking that is natural and normal. We flew last night from Paraguay after that incident and [now] we're in Argentina for two hours. And anyone who knows anyone who uses substances wouldn't be up at this hour having a talk with Matt Lauer and the rest of America."

Like a champ, Steven hit the stage with Aerosmith as they continued their South American tour and even broke attendance records.

[via Spinner]