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As if we didn't have enough with the Coronavirus pandemic, severe allergy season, and severe weather - spring has decided to drop another surprise in our laps - venomous caterpillar season is here!

It seems like every year, some poor soul has to get stung to remind us that these cute little fuzzy bits of natures wonder don't want to be messed with.  Sure, they look so precious, and the caterpillar is absolutely a great metaphor for discovering your true self - just don't get to close.  The Buck Moth Caterpillar (pictured above) looks cute and innocent enough, but he's not one for cuddles.

This particular creepy crawly is armed with a  very powerful defense mechanism - venomous spines.  According to LSU AgCenter forestry entomologist Tim Schowalter one little prick from these bad boys and you'll be howling in pain.

According to KLFY, the little nuisances will be active through May and love to hang out around live oak trees.

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