Over the weekend, residents in Carencro and North Lafayette have reported a peculiar, strong odor resembling natural gas in their area. The Carencro Fire Department has issued a statement explaining the situation, which has raised concerns among the local community.

The source of the smell is due to an equipment failure west of I-49 and north of Gloria Switch. The issue originated from a malfunction in a device responsible for introducing Mercaptan into the natural gas system. Mercaptan is a chemical that produces the characteristic rotten egg smell associated with natural gas, making it detectable in case of leaks.

According to the Carencro Fire Department, the malfunction led to an excessive amount of Mercaptan being released into the gas system. Although the issue has been resolved, the residual odor might linger in the affected areas for the next 24 to 48 hours.

ocal authorities assure residents that there is no cause for alarm. The odor, while unpleasant, poses no threat to safety. The Carencro Fire Department and relevant utility companies have addressed the equipment failure and have ensured that the gas system returned to normal.

Residents are encouraged to be patient as the odor dissipates over the next couple of days. The Fire Department also advises that if anyone detects a strong smell of natural gas inside their home, they should take precautionary measures such as ventilating the area and contacting the utility company to confirm there are no further issues.

For any further updates or concerns, residents can follow the Carencro Fire Department's social media channels or contact them directly for more information.

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