In Straight Outta Compton there is a scene in which the members of N.W.A. kick a female guest out of their hotel suite because her boyfriend comes looking for her and trouble. For Jason Mitchell, who played Eazy-E in the film, winning praise for his portrayal of the fallen rapper, a real life hotel incident has left him at the center of an investigation after a woman had told police that Mitchell grabbed her arms, threw her to the ground by her hair, called her a bitch and then fled.

Law enforcement received a call from The Ritz-Carlton in Boston early Monday (Aug. 1) from an 18-year-old woman claiming that Mitchell was violent towards her. Mitchell had, according to TMZ, turned the woman away from a party he was having, causing the woman to grow upset, and as several witnesses recalled, she even hit the actor first with an open hand. A police reports says hotel guests could hear the woman screaming for help in the hallway. The Ritz has since banned Mitchell. The celebrity news site says the woman told them this was not her first encounter with Mitchell, who spoke with police on the scene but was not arrested.

While the aforementioned scene is played for a laugh, this report is serious business for Mitchell, who is slated to star in Kong: Skull Island in 2017. TMZ had not obtained any official statement from Mitchell, and his latest Twitter activity is almost exclusively focused on the presidential campaign.

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