When Rebekka Garvison recently boarded a plane with her baby she had no idea that a stranger would be the one to help calm her baby down and develop a new friendship.

Rebekka was on a flight from Chicago to Atlanta with her 4-month-old baby when the baby wanted nothing to do with the flight. As to be expected, the baby's screams started to annoy other passengers and the new mom had no idea what to do to calm the baby down.

That's when Nyfesha Miller stepped-in. Nyfesha convinced the mom, who was alone on the plane with the baby, to hand the baby over to her. Nyfesha apparently had a calming effect on the baby because the baby stopped crying as soon as she was in Nyfesha's arms.

Baby Rylee was not only very comfortable in the stranger's arms, she was also mesmerized by the clouds and lights in the sky. Rebekka tried to convince Nyfesha to hand the baby over after she was calm, but Nyfesha refused to hand the baby over to the mother.

Nyfesha assured Rebekka that they were not intruding, and that she was actually enjoying the experience of comforting the baby.

Its moments like this that reassures us that there still are good people out there. We should note that Nyfesha also assisted Rebekka with all of her luggage after the flight. What a wonderful person.

Here's a photo of the new friends. They were actually on the SAME PLANE on the way back from  Atlanta. Faith???

Facebook via Rebekka Garvison