According to a new study, Dad just wants a nice steak, a phone call from the kids and some peace and quiet for Father's Day. If you have yet to order a Father's Day present you can save a whole lot of time and money, all while making sure your dad loves his present.

Omaha Steaks enlisted the help of OnePoll to prove a very important point when it comes to giving the perfect gift. So what does dad want? Check out the top 5 gifts for dad according to the survey.

1. A phone call from children

2. A big ole steak

3. Peace and quiet, shhhh

4. Watching the game with the family

5. A few beers or twelve (We don't judge dad on his day)

Here is your reminder, call your dad, buy him some steak, include some beer with the steak and then leave dad alone! Perhaps take mom out of the house so dad can just hang out on the lounger with no interruptions.

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