A crazy and stunning video was captured on surveillance camera Monday afternoon in New Orleans that shows a bold crime in broad daylight.

New Orleans Police said a shooting happened around 4:53 pm in the 3800 block of Elysian Fields Avenue.

In the video below, you'll see exactly what happened. While traffic was stopped, three individuals got out of a red colored car and began shooting at a pickup truck behind them as it was passing through.

According the NOPD, the driver of the truck was struck several times. The individual was taken to a hospital for treatment, and as of Tuesday morning, there was no report on that individual's condition.

The culprits got away as they got back into their car and drove off.

Here's further video as captured by security cameras at the nearby Hamilton Lewis Law Firm.

Attorney Peter Hamilton Jr. was working in his office when the incident occurred.

"I heard what sounded like firecrackers going off," Hamilton said. "By the time I came out her I noticed all the shell casings here on Elysian Fields.

Amazingly, the incident occurred in the heart of a very heavy rush hour traffic.

So far in 2022, the city of New Orleans has experienced an increase in carjackings. Recently, there were two children killed, one when shots were fired into a vehicle on the west bank in Algiers.

And just a week ago a woman was driving on I-10 with her daughter and was killed when shots were fired into her car.

According to officials with the mayor's office, Mayor LaToya Cantrell will be addressing the matter tomorrow.

"This Thursday at 1:00, Thursday the 27th, Mayor Cantrell and chief will be at NOPD headquarters to speak specifically about crime, public safety and NOPD work and response in the criminal justice system," City spokesman Beau Tidwell said.

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