What are the top vacation fantasies we all share, according to a survey they include getting an upgrade, romantic dinners, and time on the beach with our partner. 

The Top-5 fantasies we share while on vacation are as follows.

5. Not Getting Into Arguments With Our Family

4. Joining the Mile-High Club

3. Horse Back Riding Into The Sunset

2. Staying At A Resort With Celebrities

1. Skinny Dipping With Our Partner

Some here I'd have to question---like staying at a resort with celebrities. Do people really fantasize about that? Others I can see, but dreaming about being in the same building as someone famous seems exhausting!!

For the Top-10 fantasies we share while away from home simply click HERE. And yes, having a romantic date on the beach is on the list. But it includes more than just holding hands and listening to the waves crash on shore.