I guarantee this family did not survive through a pandemic to have to deal with this.

When I saw my friend Ali post a picture of a foreign object on her roof I thought she may have just been looking for some sort of pressure washing company to remove the dark spot—until I quickly realized that "spot" was totally something else.


For those who don't know what you're looking at right now, the nightmare fuel you see in this photo is an entire swarm of bees that had decided to call the Royster's roof their new home.

According to Ali, it was quite the experience.

My husband was out checking on something in the yard and he noticed it. He called me to come see but I politely declined. 😆 It couldn’t have been there just a few hours earlier- we both had come and gone in those garages and I would think one of us would’ve seen it!

Of course, the Facebook experts quickly weighed in.

A few people told us that it would probably just move on in a few days, usually, the Queen Bee just needs a place to rest and they send scouts out to find the next spot and eventually find a spot to build a hive. Because of where it was we weren’t comfortable waiting (and I’m allergic to wasps- don’t know about bees- especially that many!)

These swarms aren't as uncommon as you would think and, luckily, Ali was able to get a hold of a professional who agreed to remedy the buzzworthy situation going on at her home.

So we found a beekeeper (and I was surprised by how many connections to beekeepers we have) and he came out. He basically just scraped them off and into a box looking thing with little inserts that look like beehive stuff.

It's pretty crazy to see the process of removing these bees in real-time.

Once the bees were captured, the beekeeper's work wasn't quite done. Ali and her family would have to share their property with the bees for just a little while longer.

When he had most of them and was pretty sure he had the Queen he put them off in our yard out of the way and said the rest would make their way there and find the Queen, as well as any of the ones in the neighborhood that were part of this colony and maybe were out doing their bee business.

The boxes were put out in the yard, and soon they would see if the plan would work.

bees in boxes

And it did.

He was right- by that night we had hardly any and you could see some buzzing around the box. He took the bees to his place and they’ll live there now.

So, if you see bees swarming in or around your home this summer, you know what to do.

bees gone from roof

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