The aftermath of Hurricane Ida has brought on a wide range of different emotions for those affected by the storm.

While many Louisiana residents are currently experiencing fear, anxiety, worry, or frustration, I'm here to share a story that will hopefully bring some positive emotions into your day.

Fair warning, this story may require you to have a tissue nearby.

Earlier today, I saw a package from my friend David Begnaud on CBS Mornings. Begnaud is a Lafayette native but works as the lead national correspondent for the CBS morning show. Between Louisiana being a "ground zero" for COVID and now the center of devastation from Hurricane Ida, Begnaud has spent more time in his home state than his actual home in New York City.

One of the reasons David has made it so far in his career is his ability to tell a story. This morning, one of those stories pull at my heartstrings and I wanted to share it with anyone who may be in a similar situation with loved ones who are in the middle of all of this mess from Hurricane Ida.

In St. John The Baptist Parish Parish, authorities were contacted by a man who was out of state but was worried about his elderly father.

Twitter, CBS This Morning

SWAT team members were able to locate the 77-year-old man, and the moment he realized who was at his door he was overcome with emotion.

CBS This Morning, Twitter

Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment was when a member of the SWAT team told the man his son was worried about him, the man replied "I'm worried about me too" as he began to cry, falling into the arms of the first responder.

The man was alone in his home that had taken in water with apparent damages from Hurricane Ida as soaked debris could be seen scattered throughout the room as he got dressed to leave.

CBS This Morning, Twitter

He and his dog were rescued with an initial plan to get them to a local shelter, but ultimately first responders saw it better to get him to safety in a hospital after finding out he suffered from Parkinson's.

Before seeing the man off, one of the SWAT members handed him a flag that was found on his bedroom floor.

CBS This Morning, Twitter

It was folded up for him, and the veteran was able to take his flag with him as he moved to a secure place where he will be tended to properly.

CBS This Morning, Twitter

See the full package from CBS This Morning here.

Here is extended raw footage from David Begnaud that gives you a better look at the heartwarming rescue that has now gone viral.

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