Now that we're in 2011,  it's time to make some New Years resolutions. It looks like T-Pain's resolution was to make some more money and hang out with some familiar continue to produce hit records.

Will the king of Auto-Tune soon rock some Young Money-approved jewels? Judging by the footage of some bling that recently hit the Web, T-Pain may be the newest member of Wayne's crew.

In a video that surfaced online Thursday (December 30), jeweler Gabriel Jacobs, who has created rock-laden pieces for Birdman, 50 Cent and more, shows off a hefty ruby-and-black-diamond-studded piece in the shape of the New York Yankees-inspired Young Money logo that also features what appear to be tiny Nappy Boy insignias (the mark of Pain's label) along the sides. Jacobs says in the clip that he crafted the king-size ice, which he says costs about $40,000 alone and almost $100,000 with the chain, because Pain is signing with Weezy's camp.

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