We’ve all been there. The morning after a wild party. A ripping headache and nauseous stomach. A stranger in bed beside us. The subsequent walk of shame. T-Pain captures all of those actions and emotions in the video for ‘Hangover,’ which he wrote and directed. The video won’t be on his new album ‘rEVOLVEr,’ but it’s hilarious as it captures a universal feeling.

The vid starts out the morning after an off-the-hook soiree, with empty bottles, red solo cups, crumpled bags of chips and passed out people strewn about the living room. The action moves to T-Pain’s bedroom. High heels and condom wrappers litter the floor.

We were wondering when Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis, as well as Baby Carlos, Heather Graham and Mike Tyson, were going to show up in this video. They didn’t. But this clip reminds us of their movie!

The song is an Auto-tuned ballad about your mind being empty when your bed ain’t! It’s an urban R&B ballad with funny lyrics. There’s also some clips of some shameful drunk behavior, like bras on heads and girl on girl make out sessions. You know, the stuff drunk people do when alcohol takes over.

When Pain wakes up, he burps and heads to the bathroom to hurl. The rough night is going to turn into a rough next day. But it’s not as obvious as you’d think, since Pain and the girl in the bed next to him think they like each other beyond the limits of a one night stand.

Skye of Sophia Fresh rolls out of bed in an oversized tee that likely isn’t hers, heads to the bathroom to freshen up and sings, “Who is he and where the hell am I?” She ponders having feelings, too.

The video ends with a “To be continued” cliffhanger when they face each other.

Watch the T-Pain ‘Hangover’ Video

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