15 Awesome Vintage PSAs You Probably Forgot
Children of the '80s and '90s pretty much learned everything they need to know from TV. (It was basically like a third parent.) Besides "very special" sitcom episodes, one of the major ways we learned about how to say no to drugs and avoid "stranger danger&qu…
The Things We Said In The ’80s [VIDEO]
The things we used to say in the '80s like 'here's 5 bucks for gas, go ahead and fill it up.' This is a good one, 'I have plane tickets in the smoking section.' Yeah, you could smoke on a plane in the '80s. They quit that for obvious reasons. You have to check out this new show called 'The Goldbergs…
Whitney Houston Heads Home One Last Time
Whitney Houston is making one last trip home, except this one isn't full of laughs, exciting, and celebration.  According to People Magazine, the funeral for the 48-year-old super star singer will be held later on this week in Newark, New Jersey.