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Kim Kardashian Baby Bump
Four months into Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, we have finally seen the baby bump that houses little 'Kimye.' The latest collaborative effort between Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West made a photo appearance last night as Kim was on her way to a workout in L.A.
Is Beyonce’s Baby Bump Fake??? [VIDEO]
Rumors have been swirling for weeks now that Beyonce's "baby bump" may be FAKE!!! Some are saying that her "baby bump" is nothing more than a prosthetic, mainly made of foam. Will there be a baby in the life of Jay-Z and Beyonce, yes, and here is where the ru…
Top 10 Celebrity Baby Bumps
Recently Mariah Carey posted a very interesting picture of her baby bump, it was different, and I'm not sure if Mariah wanted a little attention when she tweeted this pic or she really thought it was cool.