A person in Mamou was able to remove an ATM machine from a bank early Monday morning and then reportedly fired shots at a police officer when he was confronted.
Guess How Many Dollar Bills Are In This Stack
IBERIABANK is holding one of the coolest local contests I've seen in a while. They posted a stack of of one dollar bills on their official Facebook page and asked their followers to guess how many bills were in it. Within the first hour over 1500 people commented with their guesses, ranging from $47…
Man Attempts To Rob A Florida Bank With Shorts On His Head
I have always been a fan of dumb criminal stories, and here is another one for the books. A man wearing SHORTS over his head walked into a bank in Florida and demanded that the teller give him all her 20 & 50 bills. However, when she asked what he wanted, the man simply replied," ne…