Bar Issues Apology
A popular bar amongst students in Baton Rouge has issued an apology after photos surfaced on-line of a noose in their bar and a pro-confederate cup in the establishment.
Chris Brown Injured After A Fight With Drake’s Entourage
Singer Chris Brown tweeted a photo of a cut on his chin early this morning, and now TMZ has confirmed that he sustained the injury after getting into a bar fight with Drake's entourage. TMZ reports that the altercation happened at WIP nightclub and five people were injured in the throw down.
The Top Five Songs You Love To Sing Along To At The Bar [VIDEO]
We have all been there once or twice, you are in the bar, and as soon as a "bar anthem" comes on you are standing on a chair or on-stage signing away at the top of your lungs!!! Don't lie, you have done this before. Having nearly resided in bars and nightclubs for the past several years a…