'Boosie' Wheelchair Races His Son
Louisiana rapper, 'Lil Boosie', recently was hospitalized with a gun shot wound that further led to complications with his leg. The rapper is wheelchair bound during his recovery, but is making the most of it in this recent video of him and his son.
UPDATE: 'Lil Boosie' Rumors
Twitter is going wild with the latest rumors around 'Lil Boosie' and his recovery from a recent gun shot wound. People are saying that the Louisiana rapper's diabetes may be a cause in the potential amputation of his leg.
A Gift From Boosie
Joe Burrow received a chain from local rapper Boosie and he wore it the night he was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals.
Change The Logo?
Boosie is known for his eyebrow-raising (yet creative) statements and ideas, but this one is catching like wildfire.

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