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Favre Gets $50k Wrist Slap For Sexting
Closure was attained today in a case that has added insult to injury (no pun intended) for Brett Favre. The closure comes at the end of a 2010 NFL season that probably has him wondering why he ever got on that private jet to Minnesota in the first place.
Favre Ruled Inactive; Streak Ends At 297
Back in 1992 I was 11. Justin Bieber wasn't born yet. What we know as "blogging" today was found deep in the irrelevant pages of your daily newspaper and known as "columns." 1992 was also the year that Brett Favre started in a football game for the Green Bay …
Brett Favre Accuser Jenn Sterger Going Public?
Seems that more and more professional sportsmen are getting into more trouble both on and off the field. The Brett Favre scandal has simmered down a little but, but could be heating up ALOT if the NFL doesn't step in....We could see THE EVIDENCE!