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Casey Anthony Speaks Out In A Video Diary [VIDEO]
Has the most hated mom of 2011 surfaced in a video diary? Reports indicate that this is non-other than Casey Anthony in her first video diary. We have not seen or heard from her since the court case of 2011 where she was found not guilty in the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.
Casey Anthony’s Parents to Appear on ‘Dr. Phil’
The parents of Casey Anthony, who was recently acquitted of killing her young daughter Caylee, will break their silence on the upcoming 10th season premiere of ‘Dr. Phil.’
The embattled couple had its pick of media outlets, but felt the show hosted by psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw was the best option.…
Most Hated People In America – 2011 List
Is it just me, or is the temperature increasing our blood pressure as well? A recent survey conducted by the E-Poll Market Research compiled the list of the people we love to hate here in America. And now, here's the top of the charts:
Casey Anthony Leaves Jail as Spectators Jeer [VIDEO]
Casey Anthony, the young mother who was recently acquitted of killing her young daughter, was released from the Orange County Jail in Florida late last night as news cameras and a crowd of about 1,000 people looked on. Two armed officers escorted Anthony and her attorneys as they left the building.
Casey Anthony to be Released From Jail July 13
Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in jail Thursday for lying to investigators in charge of the search for her daughter, Caylee. However, Anthony will be set free on July 13 since she's served almost three years in jail while awaiting trial with a record of good behavior.