Outfit Causes Stir
17-year-old Sylva Stoel was working at her job at J.C. Penney last week when her boss pulled her aside and told her to go home and change because her outfit was not appropriate for work.
10 Useful Clothing Tricks In 60 Seconds [VIDEO]
Its pretty safe to say everyone has been in a situation were they are constantly on the move and most of the time we neglect doing something at the house.  I know for myself its always folding clothes and if your in my situation, I found a video that can help us out!
The ‘Magic Mirror’ Tries Your Clothes On For You [PHOTO]
It might just be me, but I think trying on clothes is such a hassle.  Just think of everything you have to do; scout the store to find that ONE shirt that you want, walk all the way to the other side to get to the dressing room, wait for the previous person to get out of the room, get…