coach ed orgeron

Coach O's Controversial Radio Comment
Coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers football team encountered a troll who called into his radio show recently. When that caller made an inappropriate joke, Coach O responded with a controversial saying regarding a, "...nice little fishing hole" that has many reacting on social media.
Why LSU Should Have To Forfeit
An opinion piece by a Tuscaloosa radio host is going viral amongst Alabama football fans as he believes, "The LSU Tigers should be forced to forfeit for its careless, selfish and unsportsmanlike actions". Reports say that the COVID-19 outbreak within the LSU team stems from recent Hallowee…
Auburn Blows Out LSU 48-11
The LSU Tigers were defeated by the Auburn Tigers by a score of 48-11. The storyline of the day was LSU’s inability to stop Auburn from scoring as well as the Tigers from Baton Rouge’s lack of spark within their offense.

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