Average Dude Drops A Rap Song About Being 24 [VIDEO]
Pat Stansik is your average 24-year-old guy. He is a college graduate who isn't married yet, but could see himself settling down in a few years if he meets the right girl. He buys his own groceries, but he's still on his parent's insurance and still uses their gas card. What sets Pat apart from othe…
Why You Should Never Sleep At A Comedy Show [VIDEO]
Seriously, not sure if the comedian should be concerned, people are falling asleep during his show. Comedian Mike E. Winfield took a few shots at the patron who decided a nap was in order. As Mike says, 'Why would you pick mid center to take a nap...
Best Films EVER
A survey of 500,000 people was conducted by ABC News and People Magazine to name the Best Films Ever! Survey takers voted in 15 different categories, from best sci-fi film, best musical, best action flick, to greatest screen kiss and more! Here's the Entire List.