CREEPIEST Song For Kids Ever [VIDEO]
I'm a believer in the educational system, but there are some things that should NEVER reach the ears of a child.  Peter Alsop, is the singer/author of the song.....if you want to call him that, but a song about death for kids, really?
Birds With Human Arms [PHOTOS]
I understand art is beautiful and it is a form of expression, but there are some things that you have to scratch your head at.  The abstract paintings are pretty, we know Picasso had a few 'questionable' pieces, and the Mona Lisa will forever be world famous, but birds with human arms…
Batman Bought A Lamborghini [VIDEO]
Well the warm weather is here which means people are by the pool and they are putting the tops down in the cars to catch some sun.  After chilling in his underground bat cave, I guess Batman needed a tan and some fresh air on the interstate just like the rest of us.
The ‘Magic Mirror’ Tries Your Clothes On For You [PHOTO]
It might just be me, but I think trying on clothes is such a hassle.  Just think of everything you have to do; scout the store to find that ONE shirt that you want, walk all the way to the other side to get to the dressing room, wait for the previous person to get out of the room, get…
Awesome Dancing Zebra [VIDEO]
I'll admit that I'm a pretty simple guy to please because I like to have fun.  It just takes 3 things to keep me happy.......a great big bucket of vanilla ice cream, comfortable pajamas, and a DANCING ZEBRA!!!
Police Get Pranked!!!! [VIDEO]
Ok, I don't know if this was staged or what, but mad props go to these guys for getting away with it.  Let me introduce to you 'Fake Peeing In The Park.'  Of course urinating in public is wrong, but faking it with a water bottle seems like a pretty good idea(I got a chuckle …
Woman Sells George Washington McNugget for $8K [PHOTO]
If someone ever tells you that chicken nuggets will never make you money, slap them in the face!  Next time I go to McDonald's I'm going to dig deep for this money maker.  Rebekah Speight just made a whopping $8,100 on eBay by selling the 'Special McNugget' that was in …

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