10 Signs Of A Wack DJ
Normally, the average person would never know the difference between a GOOD DJ and a WACK DJ. Let this list help you "stay woke."
DJ Gets Punked [VIDEO]
Technology has made becoming a DJ even easier, but along with it comes a dark side. Find out what happens when you mix mp3s with 'Punk'd'
Paris Hilton’s DJ Debut Was A Disaster [VIDEO]
It seems like just a few weeks ago, I was chuckling at the thought of Paris Hilton wanting to become a "real DJ." In her latest attempt to re-ignite her career, which has stalled out big time in the past few years. She made her official debut at the San Paulo Pop Music Festival, an…
Paris Hilton Announces Official DJ Tour
I can barely type right now because I'm hysterical with laughter right now. I wish this was a joke, but it is definitely real. After tagging along with her boyfriend Afrojack to his gigs at numerous clubs and festivals from Vegas to Ibiza over the last few months, Paris Hilton has announced her very…

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