Strange Explosion In The Sky
This video has been all over my Facebook timeline and it has many asking, is this explosion in the sky real? What appears to be either a UFO or a blimp behind a cloud, just hoovers over the earth's surface, then suddenly explodes.
Explosion Rocks West Texas
What started out as a fire at a fertilizer plant just north of Waco turned into a huge explosion that has literally rocked the entire town of West, Texas. There have been two deaths and multiple injuries confirmed as a result of the blast that happened just before 8 PM CT, but unfortunately, that nu…
The Bubble Bomb [VIDEO]
When I saw this, the first thing I thought of was "That is TOO COOL!"  Its not everyday where you can see a bubble go BOOM!  Granted I have no idea on how to actually redo this awesome act, but I would love to find out.
Manhole Explosion Lifts Parked Car [VIDEO]
What happens when a parked car is greeted with an explosion from a manhole, well you probably guessed it!!! I doubt that when the person that owns the car in this video parked it, the car, they had no idea that their car was about to become victim of an explosion involving a manhole!!!! Its car vs w…