Watch As A Concertgoer Falls From A 65-Foot Scaffold [VIDEO]
A concertgoer at a Creamfileds Rave apparently had too much to drink, or something, and made his way up a 65-foot scaffold while in attendance. While he seemed to not have any trouble making his way up the scaffold, things would suddenly change upon reaching the height of the structure. Things would…
Nicki Minaj to Release Debut Fragrance This Fall
You truly reach pop divadom when you release a signature, branded fragrance. Everyone from Katy Perry to Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber has done it and now, Nicki Minaj is crashing the scent party. Too bad she (temporarily, we think) quit Twitter or she could be tweeting away about this new endeavor.
Bride Falls At Wedding…Fail or Staged?
You Tube is filled with Wedding videos right? Some great, some not so great, wedding party dances to Thriller, even the classic Chris Brown 'Forever' dance down the aisle. These days, brides and grooms are looking for a way to make their wedding unique! After the third time I watched …

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