Flo Rida

Flo Rida Drops Song Titled "Photobomb"
Like many of us, Flo Rida is quiet aware of the recent success The Chainsmokers are having with their song titled "#Selfie." Now Flo Rida has dropped a song that is a knock off to "Selfie" and its titled "Photobomb."
Beamz By Flo Rida
Well, this is something. What do you get when you cross a famous entertainer, a midi-controller and laser beams? You get Beamz by Flo Rida, the latest in a line of gear designed for anyone to express their creativity through music, even if they're not musically inclined (having a sense of rhyth…
Rapper Flo Rida dropped the video for his highly anticipated single, 'Can't Believe It' earlier today. The video features Pitbull, who provides a guest verse on the track, along with copious amounts of booty from your industry standard video girls. The video is definitely attention-grabbing to say t…
Flo Rida Clears Name in Paternity Case
Remember a few weeks ago when the web was buzzing with claims that Flo Rida fathered a child and was trying to skip out on paying child support? Well, it seems that perhaps everyone was just a bit too hard on the rapper because paperwork has surfaced revealing he is not the father.

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