Heroes Emerge From The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy
Just days after the tragedy from a elementary school in Newton, Connecticut we are now learning the names and seeing the faces of those who put themselves in harms way to protect the kids at the school. Teachers, administrators, and other staff members attempted to confront the gunman as he went on …
Neighbor Catches Girl Falling From Three Stories Up [VIDEO]
Here is a terrifying video that has been getting a lot of attention within the last 12-hours on the internet, it shows a neighbor catching a young girl as she leaps from the third floor of a Brooklyn apartment complex. Watch what one hero does to help the seven-year-old break her fall.
Batman Bought A Lamborghini [VIDEO]
Well the warm weather is here which means people are by the pool and they are putting the tops down in the cars to catch some sun.  After chilling in his underground bat cave, I guess Batman needed a tan and some fresh air on the interstate just like the rest of us.