Man Saves Dog From Gators Mouth
Video of a man saving his tiny dog from the clutches of an alligator is going viral online. Check out the video where you can see the man rise from the depths of a pond with both the dog and the alligator in his grasp.
Fan Makes Greatest Catch in Baseball History
Once you become an adult, you can’t really bring your glove to a baseball game. But don’t worry, you still have something to catch a ball with should the opportunity arise. Yup, we mean that 20 oz plastic cup of beer in your hand.
Man Registers Dog To Vote
A dog is a man's best friend so this should be legal right?  I know they are intelligent creatures, but the last time I checked I'm pretty sure dogs can't talk(Don't worry they can still bark pretty good).  A man from Albuquerque, who did not want to be identified, said he has successfully registered his black Labrador to vote as a democrat.
Woman Wakes To Find Stranger At Her Stove [PHOTO]
If you think you need an alarm, forget about it and just cook breakfast!  I don't think that was the FIRST thought that ran through this woman's head when she woke up smelling smoke.  According to a Florida woman woke up to a complete stranger trying to cook in her kitchen.

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