Chris Brown Accused Of Stealing A Woman’s iPhone In Miami
Singer Chris Brown could find himself in some serious trouble again if the accusations coming from Miami are true. A woman in Miami is saying that Chris Brown saw her snap a photo of him outside of a Miami nightclub, and he wasn't having any of that. The woman accused Brown of snatching her pho…
Drake Launches Club Paradise Tour in Miami
While most people were out celebrating Valentine’s Day, Drake shared his love with thousands of fans at the Bank United Center as he launched his Club Paradise Tour in Miami. Romance was certainly in the air at Tuesday night’s show, with the ladies waiting patiently f…
Diddy Tosses Out $1 Million Dollars Cash
Literally, he TOSSED OUT $1 million dollars in cash to partygoers at Rick Ross' Birthday Bash last Friday. According to Britain's 'The Sun', Ross took his entourage all over the Miami club scene all weekend long.