Hopkins Deletes Tweet About Retiring
Star NFL wide-receiver and Arizona Cardinal, DeAndre Hopkins, posted and deleted a Tweet today that has many on social media talking. In the Tweet, Hopkins alluded to a potential retirement from the NFL in the wake of their recent memo regarding vaccinations.
NFL Memo Regarding COVID Outbreaks
According to reports, the NFL has sent out a league-wide memo notifying teams of new protocols surrounding potential COVID outbreaks that differ for vaccinated versus un-vaccinated individuals. With no plan on extending the up-coming season due to canceled games, the NFL has laid out their laws.
Where Is Aaron Rodgers Going?
Speculation around Aaron Rodgers and his future has been swirling for months now. While the latest report says that Rodgers turned down an offseason deal from the Green Bay Packers that would make him the highest paid NFL player, rumors have continued to muddy the waters around what the reigning NFL…

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