She Ratted Herself Out
Reports say that an Oklahoma woman was arrested after commenting on a social media post made by the Tulsa Police Department. The post offered a reward for information on the commenter's whereabouts, to which she wanted to know, "where's the reward money at".
Bama Fan Brawls At Sugar Bowl
Alabama fans are still licking their wounds after their team was embarrassed by Oklahoma in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, but a video that has gone viral adds a lot of insult to their injuries. Watch as one Alabama fan (and an alleged mother of three) jumps over multiple rows to fight with an Oklahoma student at the game.
Woman Reunites With Dog
While this woman was being interviewed by a news reporter, she explains how she survived this deadly tornado in Oklahoma, and during the interview she reveals that she lost her dog in the midst of the devastation. Then suddenly, the dog that she thought she lost emerges from the rubble.

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