Only In Louisiana Does A Mardi Gras Parade Happen In Walmart
How do you know Mardi Gras is here? When you head to Walmart and there is a parade preventing you from shopping, but this parade isn't on the street going down Johnston St. Nope, its smack dab in the middle of the Walmart where you are shopping, and all you can do is shake your head, smile and …
Mardi Gras Dos & Don’ts For First Timers
Mardi Gras is fast approaching and soon guest bedrooms and couches will be filled with out-of-town friends and family looking to enjoy the festival season. In order to ensure these first timers have just as good a time as long time Mardi Gras veterans, here are a few dos and don'ts to pass alon…
Pop Culture 2011 Poll
Parade Magazine and Yahoo's omg! teamed up for a recent pop culture poll, with questions ranging from the craziest baby names to the most annoying celebrities and more. Here are the results of the Poll!

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