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Port Barre Elementary Custodian Becomes School's Principal
Joesph "Gabe" Sonnier once cleaned Port Barre Elementary for 27-years as it's custodian, now he is running the school as it's principal. Sonnier told CBS News that while at work, at Port Barre Elementary in 1985 , the principal at the time encouraged him to pursue his deg…
Benefit Info For Crash Victims
We continue to keep you up to date on the latest on the Port Barre bus crash victims with both Karen Stoute, who passed away yesterday, and Colby Richard who remains in critical condition.
Acadiana Comes Together For Crash Victims
Most of the time, when we think of Facebook, we think of a place for us to keep up with friends and family members through status updates, photos and more. When I got on Facebook today, in my stream I noticed a few of my friends had "liked" a page titled "We love you Colby…