Pizza Rat Goes Viral
A video of a rodent struggling to carry a slice of pizza down a New York City stairway has virally inspired others around the world to always follow their dreams.
Man Finds Dead Rat In Wrap
A man in New York got more than he asked for when he recently purchased a wrap at restaurant in the "Big Apple." The guy allegedly found a DEAD RAT in his wrap, and that's when his colleagues started to snap photos of it and post the pics up on Twitter.
Monster Sized Rat Found In NYC Foot Locker [PHOTO]
Bees and wasps sting. Snakes slither and bite, and some are even poisonous. The same goes for spiders. So, it's pretty clear why they are common on the "fear list." But, I've always been intrigued at how terrified some people get when it comes to household pests like roaches and mice. Gran…