Meteorite Crash In Russia Caught On Camera [VIDEO]
On Thursday, a series of explosions in the sky over Russia had many running for cover as a huge meteorite ripped across sky. Amazingly, as the meteorite was going across the sky, several different cameras were able to catch this phenomenal event.
Did a Pair of UFOs Visit Russia? [VIDEO]
To add to all the other craziness that goes on in Russia, some believe the country has recently been visited by aliens. The video below depicts what are described as “comet-like” UFOs cutting a fiery trail through the sky above Adygeysk, Russia last month.
Worst Mother Of 2011 So Far
Jessica Beagley was featured in a segment on Dr. Phil in November titled "Mommy Confessions." She had gone on the show to beg for help with her 7 year old who had "behavior problems" that she could not fix. Home video footage of Beagley punishing her adopted Russi…