‘Gummy Bear’ Breast Implants
Ladies, gentlemen, and candy-lovers from all over, let us inform you that they are indeed soft and squishy!  We don't know if they come in different colors, but would you choose red, purple, green, yellow, blue, or orange?
Man Shoots 3 Inch Nail Into His Head & Survives Accident
Dante Autullo of Illinois is counting his blessings after an X-ray revealed that he’d been walking around with a 3 1/4 inch nail into the middle of his brain. Autullo, who had been using the nail gun to build a shed in his yard, said that he knew something strange had happened. "It really fel…
Woman Develops Foreign Accent After Oral Surgery (VIDEO)
Any type of surgery can leave you dealing with some serious side effects, but 56-year-old Karen Butler has experienced something especially peculiar. Since her oral surgery a year and a half ago, the Oregon woman has spoken with a bizarre English-meets-Irish-meets-Russian accent.
Seven-Year-Old Has Plastic Surgery
A seven-year-old in South Dakota girl is undergoing plastic surgery to have her "cup ears" fixed just to avoid bullying on the playground. While her parents have decided to go through with this for the better of their daughter, now it appears that they are taking heat for their rec…