Crazy Emergency Break Test Uses People
In the Netherlands they performed a crazy emergency break test with a Leopard Tank.  I don't understand how the people involved just stood there and didn't move.  I would have run once I saw how close that tank got to them.  What would you have done...
Cops A Make Him Dance [VIDEO]
This may be the funniest DUI test ever recorded by a law enforcement dashboard camera. Watch what happens when a police officer has this enormously tall Cowboy take a field sobriety test.
FDA Announces First Ever at Home HIV Test
In the never-ending war against the spread of the HIV virus that can lead to AIDS, the Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday that it has approved the first-ever a self-administered HIV testing kit that produces results without the use of a laboratory.
A New Style Pregnancy Test
I'm not sure if you "Old-School" gals will like this, but in the day and age we are in, YES you can now plug your pregnancy test into your PCs USB Port.