Red Cars Attract More Bird Poop
You’ve probably heard that red cars get more speeding tickets, and that they cost more to insure. Contrary to popular belief, neither of these oft-quoted arguments against going red are true.
Driving A Delivery Truck Can Give You The Wrinkles
After looking at this picture, I'm starting to feel bad for anybody that 'fake bakes.'  Normally this wouldn't be believable except we all know the sun can do some real damage to skin if you stay out too long.  I guess this concept applies to truck drivers as well after…
Crazy Man Yells At Trucks, Trains, And Automobiles [VIDEO]
This video will not only have you laughing out loud, but it will also have you questioning the sanity of the man in this video. I hope that he filmed and produced this video solely for entertainment purposes, and that this is not his regular state of mind...because if it is, he has issues!