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Should Justin Bieber Be Deported Back To Canada?
It's barely been two weeks, and Justin Bieber is in trouble once again with the law. He has found himself in a legal battle with his limo driver. It's an incident that happened back in December where Beiber reportedly got into a scuffle with the limo driver, and is now facing charges of criminal as…
Does First Lady Michelle Obama Really Hate Oprah?
Here is a confrontation we didn't see coming, but word is that Michelle Obama is NOT a fan of talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey. While Oprah may have played a big role in the election of President Barack Obama, sources are citing that the President's wife is not too fond of Oprah. In a new book by Edwar…
President Obama Does Storytelling Like A Boss
The secret to telling a great story is that you REALLY have to get into it!  Although you might be interested in the fairytale, you should stay away from the extreme facial expressions.  No wonder I never liked reading,  my teachers never ROARED at me when the good parts came.
David Cross Did Cocaine Next To President Obama!
Looks like the ’Mr. Show’ and ‘Arrested Development’ star David Cross had a wild hair to take care of back in 2009. Now normally when people feel like taking chances, most would go with jumping off of high cliffs into water, eating something ver…
Obama & O’Reilly Face-Off
President Barack Obama sat down for a live interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly on before the 2011 Super Bowl. They discussed Egypt, healthcare, and they even went into Super Bowl predictions! Check out the interview after the jump!
Jay-Z in 2012?
Well, now that we're through another exiting political season, someone has their sites on the White House in 2012.
Jay-Z has said he is considering swapping music for politics -- and running for US president.
Not one to aim low, the rapper has revealed a penchant for politics and has set a timescale o…