Child Marries Woman
Most kids want to run around and play outside or play with their X-Box games. Not this 9-year-old. He's planning on being in a wedding; not as a ring bearer, but as the groom.
10 Surprisingly Tall Celebrity Women
We're constantly barraged with photos of female celebrities, and we have to listen to tabloids and TV show hosts babble on about how much they weigh -- or don’t weigh -- but photos alone rarely tell us much about their height.
Of course, we knew these celebrity women were probabl…
Woman Walks Into A Lumber Store While Naked [VIDEO]
We should warn you now, the video below contains nudity. But yes, a woman did walk into two New York businesses this week not wearing any clothes. 49-year-old Barbara Lafleur thought that it would be perfectly fine to strip down and go shopping in two separate stores along Route 67.
Woman Strips Naked At Denver International Airport
A female passenger at Denver International Airport caused quite a stir around 8:45 am (MT time) this morning, as she stripped naked in Concourse B. The question that comes to mind is WHY? The passenger was caught smoking in a non smoking area, and was asked to put out her cigarette. It was then…
Woman Retires 1964 Mercury After 576,000 Miles
Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente with 576,000 miles on it? You probably envisioned it being restored, housed in a glass case a la Cameron’s dad’s Ferrari in ‘Ferris Bueller&CloseCurl…

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