DJ Gets Punked [VIDEO]
Technology has made becoming a DJ even easier, but along with it comes a dark side. Find out what happens when you mix mp3s with 'Punk'd'
Baby Gets Freaked Out [VIDEO]
If this baby could speak it would probably say, 'WTH?!?!?!?'  When children are just born it is natural for them to cry a lot, so as parents you try to make them laugh and smile.  Parents will always make funny noises for their children and 1 of 2 things will ALWAYS happen: The child will laugh and …
Honk The Hooters
Well if 'Black Friday' is for grabbing all the goods off the shelves, and Thursday is for Thanksgiving, you might as well use the Wednesday before to go out.  Let's just call it 'Black Out Wednesday.'  People are just looking to get weird and grab something besides…
Rapping Beagle Squares Off Against Leaf Blower [VIDEO]
Lucy the beagle does what many animals do when confronted with a high-powered air stream — she attacks it. Lucy’s ingenious owner then realized the pooch looked as though she was rapping, and dropped a beat behind the video.
Lucy’s leaf-blower rap is pretty darn …
Did Whitney Houston Almost Get Kicked Off a Plane?
We haven’t heard much from the wild world of Whitney Houston lately, but she’s back in the news again. And it’s not because of her singing.
TMZ is reporting that Houston was on a Delta flight in Atlanta on Wednesday and caused a ruckus when she refused …

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