This Tampa karaoke couple is proving that it's never too late to be discovered.

Earlier this week, @indibimont posted a video of an older couple at a karaoke night in Florida that has been viewed nearly 4 million times. The couple paired up to deliver a surprisingly lit rendition of Nelly & Kelly Rowland's 2004 banger 'Dilemma'

I've seen a lot of karaoke in my day, and I'm here to say that most of it is pretty terrible, but sometimes it can be terribly fun and that's exactly how I would describe this version that will definitely have you hitting the replay button.

Right out of the gate, you can hear chuckles from the crowd as the wife belts out Kelly's soulful lyrics. When the husband comes in to do the Nelly part, the crowd absolutely loses it.

Thanks to @indibimont's video going viral on Tiktok, the couple actually gained a ton of popularity and started their own Instagram page with the name @tampakaraokecouple because of course, they did.

The description of their page?

Just a man and wife married 35 years who love to drink a beer and sing some karaoke in Tampa. It’s our song. #MyBoo

If you thought the 'Dilemma' video was fun, buckle up because apparently, they make house calls.

They also have no problem showing up and turning out a wedding dance.

It seems like they love Flo Rida just as much as they love Nelly.

Practice makes perfect.

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The local Fox affiliate interviewed the retired couple who revealed the motivation behind their performances of popular rap songs is to show that we are "all one."

Sarah Grossfield says the reason why her rendition of Kelly Rowland's vocals on 'Dilemma' sound so good is because she means it.

tampa karaoke couple interview

She's been married to her husband Jeff for 35 years and he believes that their karaoke performances show that music has no color lines and can bring people from all backgrounds together.

Sarah and Jeff aren't the only two people getting clicks and views as TikTok user @indibimont is also enjoying the exposure on her page due to the hype surrounding her video of the Tampa karaoke couple.

Give them a follow and stay tuned for their next karaoke party banger.

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