Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day, and less than 24 hours later we are already being reminded why our Moms are so special. Any mother out there would look like 'Mom of the Year' when compared to Patricia Krentcil - aka 'Tanning Mom.' While most moms were sitting around a meal prepared by their loved ones on Sunday, Tanning Mom was lifting her dress for cameras saying "she would totally do Playboy, if they asked."

TMZ posted a video earlier today that featured the tanning mom talking reality TV and even the possibility of a Playboy spread in the wake of her recent notoriety. It seems to me that this is one lady who is definitely trying to capitalize off of a negative situation, but doesn't realize that her 15 minutes was up a long time ago. I don't think I could bear watching a reality show about this train-wreck, let alone a nude spread. (Hurl)

Playboy has already responded to 44-year-old Tanning Mom's offer by going on the record to say

It would definitely never happen.

Which translates to "Not no, but hell no." If you're brave, click the link below to see Tanning Mom trying to be all sexy and whatnot. But before you do that, please vote in our poll below!




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