A 24-year-old teacher is considering legal actions after she was fired from her a job when a video surfaced of her "Twerking" on a stage, while on Spring Break.

The video shows the teacher taking part in a Spring Break competition, but the trouble comes when she drapes her legs over a man's shoulders and starts to "Twerk."

She said she was aware of all of the cell phones in the crowd, but she says that she did not think that her actions would go viral. Hello---Its 2016!!!

After this video went viral, the parents of her students complained to the school and she was released from her duties. The young lady said an attorney for the school advised her to resign in order for "things to cool off."

The teacher said since this video has surfaced, she had received several "friend requests" from men on social media that she does not know.

I can't figure that one out, just kidding.



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