Chris Reed and Brad Striker visited Sacred Heart Catholic Church of New Iberia to deliver our "Teacher Of The Month" pizza party. We visited the Senior Retreat for Catholic High, and announced to all of the Senior Class that we were there to award Mrs. Julie Romero as our "Teacher Of The Month."Mrs. Romero was nominated by one of her students, Lexi Landry, and it was announced by Chris Logan that Mrs. Romero was deserving of the title. Lexi said in her letter to us that Mrs. Romero is an inspiration to not just her, but to the entire Senior Class. We also learned that Mrs. Romero is more than just a religious teacher to many of the students, she is also the "leader" of Campus Ministry at Catholic High School.

With such an inspiring letter, we were glad to deliver a day of relaxation from Spa Mizan to Mrs. Romero, and for the Senior Class we delivered pizza from Papa John's Pizza. We did not leave out the student who nominated Mrs. Romero. Lexi Landry was given several "Hot CDs" and coupons to McDonalds. We truly enjoyed our visit to New Iberia, and thank you all for welcoming us with open arms.


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