'DJ Khaled' took to Twitter today to tease the new 'No Ceilings 3' mixtape that he is producing for Louisiana rapper 'Lil Wayne'. While many are anxious for the mixtape's release, others are showing their disapproval of 'Lil Wayne' and his political views.

You can check out the clip from @djkhaled on Twitter below

'Lil Wayne' is releasing another addition to the popular series of mixtapes, as 'No Ceilings 3' is currently in the works with 'DJ Khaled' at the helm.

The video confirms that 'Drake' is featured on at least one of the tracks and you can check out another teaser of the song on the No Ceilings 3 official website here.

The clip also confirms a 'Lil Wayne' remix of a track from 'Lil Baby' and '42 Dugg' called "We Paid". You can check out the original track here.

The internet is having mixed reactions, as some are still out on 'Lil Wayne' after he showed support for President Donald Trump ahead of the presidential election.

You can check out the Twitter post from @LilTunechi with President Trump below

You can also see some of the negative reactions to the 'No Ceilings 3' teaser video below

While some on Twitter have written off their 'Lil Wayne' fandom due to his political views, others are looking past that and forward to the release of 'No Ceilings 3'

Whatever you current opinion of 'Lil Wayne' is, I think it is safe to say that 'No Ceilings 3' will have some certified BANGERS on it.

The 'No Ceilings' mixtapes have been some of the best work 'Weezy' has ever put out and fans do not forget that.

While many are denying their support of 'Tunechi', I have a feeling that most people will still give this new mixtape a listen once it finally drops.

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