A group of teenagers has gone viral for all the right reasons.

A viral video that was taken at a Jackson, MS gas station showcases a group of friends and their sick dance moves. According to WAFB. the boys are all between the ages of 19-23 and "have known each other for the last five years."

They call their group StayTune ENT and their moves aren't necessarily choreographed, so what we see on the video is what comes naturally to them as the music plays. They see it as fun and something that keeps them out of trouble.

If we don't have anything to do, we don't just go in the streets and get in trouble and all that kind of stuff. We just like to dance.

After a day of hanging out and swimming the boys wanted to shoot a music video, so they went down to the local Murphy USA and asked if they could shoot in the parking lot near a vacant pump. Clifton Aldrige was working and said he didn't mind the boys doing something positive with their time and energy.

I'd rather have young men out here doing something positive then out here robbing, stealing and doing crime. If you want to dance, dance. Kids are going to look up to them for this. They represent positive stuff for the city. I'm proud of the guys. They young guys. I'm looking up to them. I'm proud of them. You can't ask for nothing better.

Reactions on social media ranged from excitement to people wishing they could have joined in on the fun. Personally, I want to meet the lady in the background who can be heard cheering the boys on as they each took turns showing off their dance moves.

Over 3 million views and 80,000 shares later we hope to see the boys keep up their dance moves. Can somebody get Ellen on the line?

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