While it may seem strange, bars will sometimes use liquid nitrogen to spruce up the presentation of their drinks. Although the substance causes severe burns when touched directly, in its room-temperature gaseous form it creates a fog-like effect and should be harmless.

Trying telling that to Gaby Scanlon. The English woman was celebrating her 18th birthday with friends Thursday night when she ordered a cocktail featuring room-temperature liquid nitrogen at Oscar's Wine Bar in Lancaster.

Shortly after drinking the concoction, she fell ill. Her friends rushed her to the hospital, where doctors had to remove the part of her stomach which had reacted negatively to the liquid nitrogen. She would have likely died if she hadn't made it the emergency room so quickly.

Now the mystery is why Scanlon reacted to the drink they way that she did while nobody else was adversely affected.

Needless to say, Oscar's have suspended the sale of all liquid nitrogen cocktails and are cooperating with a police investigation into the incident.

As for Scanlon, she remains in serious but stable condition.