On her unwavering quest to continue neglecting her child Sophia for fame and celebrity, former "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham has released a video for her new song "Blowin."

Abraham just recently cashed in by doing porn, so don't let the song title "Blowin" fool you. The 22-year-old Abraham is fully aware she has haters, as she addresses them in her new jam.

I'm blowin' (I'm blowin') / all these bullies away / Celebrity, celebrity, celebrity / Being yourself is making you famous

The problem is that Farrah totally doesn't realize that her critics actually do make valid points. Her daughter Sophia is only getting older by the day, and the destructive path her mother is blazing will undoubtably lead to playground embarrassment in the near future.

(By the way, she's randomly included in the music video for no relevant reason.)

Maybe Farrah is trolling us all with this horrendous song and music video. It seriously makes Rebecca Black look and sound like Ariana Grande. There is so much auto-tune, if I didn't see Farrah's over-the-top cosmetically-enhanced features, I'd swear it was a bonus track from a Chipmunks album.

It's easy to pawn off getting cosmetic surgery, doing porn, and making horribly over-auto-tuned music as "doing what she has to do to provide for her child," but I'm not sure if anyone is buying into Farrah's story anymore, or if they ever did in the first place.

Hopefully, Farrah will wise up one day and realize that her daughter Sophia is better than any 15 minutes of fame.

If not, let's hope she at least hangs up the music career and just sticks to porn.